Journey for Teams: Explore and combat unconscious bias

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Journey for Teams: Medical professionals

Do you recognize your unconscious biases? 

These are automatic assumptions and categorizations that we make about other people. They affect how we perceive and engage with others, and they have broad implications for our relationships with clients and colleagues, the atmosphere in our workplaces, and even the care we provide to our patients.

Journey for Teams has just released its second educational module, which examines unconscious bias, its effects, and specific actions we can take to combat it. In just 15 minutes, it provides your veterinary team a pathway to generate positive changes in your workplace and benefit each other, your clients, and ultimately your patients.

Explore unconscious bias now on the Journey for Teams website.

What is Journey for Teams?

Not yet familiar with Journey for Teams? It’s a voluntary program that provides a shared path for everyone in our profession to deepen knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and advance it in our workplaces. Developed by the AVMA in partnership with the Veterinary Medical Association Executives, Journey for Teams releases a new 15-minute educational module each month.

Visit to learn more. And be sure to check out the first educational module in the journey, The Power of Diversity. In it, AVMA’s chief DEI officer, Latonia Craig, EdD, explores diversity, equity, and inclusion as the core values that hold an organization together. 

Look for a new 15-minute educational module to be released every month. Upcoming topics include psychological safety, which will be led by AVMA’s wellbeing director, Jen Brandt, Ph.D. 

Join the journey

Anyone in the veterinary profession can play a role in enhancing DEI in our workplaces; it’s a community effort. Through Journey for Teams, we can each foster our own growth and have a meaningful impact on colleagues, clients, patients, and our communities. 

If colleagues in your workplace aren’t already engaged with Journey for Teams, you can invite them to explore the program at The journey is designed for colleagues to learn together.

You also can consider becoming a Journey for Teams navigator for your workplace—an advocate who leads the effort, organizing meetings and facilitating discussion. Each Journey for Teams module includes resources to support navigators in this important role.

Journey for Teams, developed by the AVMA in collaboration with the Veterinary Medical Association Executives, is generously supported by many industry partners.

Collaborating partners: AVMA/AAVMC Commission for a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Veterinary Profession; National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America; Veterinary Hospital Managers Association

Educational partners—Trailblazers: Boehringer Ingelheim; Mars Veterinary Health; Nationwide; NAVC; National Veterinary Associates; Petco; Viticus Group; Zoetis

Educational partners—Adventurers:  CareCredit; Hill's Pet Nutrition; Merck Animal Health; Suveto


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