Interactive dashboard lets you dig into AVMA’s COVID-19 survey

Published on June 11, 2020

Data from the AVMA’s survey exploring COVID-19’s impact on veterinary practices is now available to the full profession in an interactive survey dashboard.

The new tool lets users explore results from the large survey of veterinary practices conducted by the AVMA in April. AVMA collected responses from over 2,000 practices of different sizes, types, and species focuses. Questions covered operational changes, client numbers, use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies, financial impact, and other topics.

The data show how COVID-19 has impacted the veterinary profession across the United States. With the new interactive dashboard, users can see how a local area compares with others across the nation, and how practices of different sizes and types are responding and adapting in the pandemic. Filter the data by location, practice type or size, species served, and other parameters. 

Explore data

More to come

The interactive data dashboard is the latest addition to AVMA’s COVID-19 resource center, which provides a wealth of resources to help veterinarians and veterinary team members navigate the pandemic. 

AVMA plans to field a follow-up survey of veterinary practices this summer and will update the interactive dashboard with new data when available. Subscribe to this blog or follow AVMA on social media to learn when updates to this data and other AVMA resources become available.


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