Help veterinary students in their efforts to earn scholarships

Published on December 04, 2015
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Got a few hours you can spare to help some of our veterinary students earn a scholarship? The American Veterinary Medical Foundation is seeking about 20 volunteers who can serve on the AVMF Scholarship Review Committee.

The AVMF offers several scholarship programs to help offset the cost of veterinary medical education. Ultimately, the Foundation looks to identify outstanding veterinary students capable of changing the world by addressing the health and research needs of society – both today and tomorrow. And, as a one-time veterinary student yourself, you know that any amount of assistance can help reduce the cost of getting that veterinary medical degree.

American Veterinary Medical FoundationThe AVMF volunteers will review scholarship applications, score them and help in the selection process. Helping out doesn’t require travel or attending meetings. The Foundation will email the applications to you; you’ll review and score them; and then email them back. In all, it should take you only a couple of hours and you can do it from the comforts of home or at the office.

We’d like to have these volunteers on board by Jan. 1, 2016. So, if you’re interested in helping advance the education of veterinary students by volunteering for the Scholarship Review Committee, give the Foundation a call at 847-285-6690 or mbreckatavma [dot] org (Subject: AVMF%20Scholarship%20Review%20Committee) (email them).

An added bonus to your lending a hand to the students and the Foundation, is that you get to read some pretty inspiring essays from many wonderfully talented and committed veterinary students who are poised to make a difference in the profession we call our own.


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