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Horse being treated for wildfire burns by California veterinary team
(Photo: Courtesy UC-Davis)
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With wildfires raging across the western United States and hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, the entire veterinary community is concerned for the safety and wellbeing of those in the path of these disasters. AVMA’s charitable foundation is responding with financial aid to the affected areas.

AVMF grants provide financial help

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has provided $10,000 each to the University of California-Davis Veterinary Emergency Response Team, Oregon State University, and Western College of Veterinary Medicine to aid their teams in providing veterinary emergency relief to animals affected by the western wildfires. 

The Foundation donated an additional $10,000 to the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association’s charitable foundation to help animals and veterinarians affected by Hurricane Laura.  

AVMF officials also are working with the California Veterinary Medical Association and organizations in other states to identify additional funding needs for both wildfire relief and hurricane response, including Hurricane Sally and other storms that are currently forming.

These funds will help care for animals affected by the disasters, as well as veterinarians and veterinary students whose lives are impacted. Veterinary teams throughout the affected regions are rescuing and caring for animals of many species. The AVMF funding will help ensure this work can continue. 

Powered by you: Uniting to help colleagues

The AVMF has a long history of aiding animals and veterinary team members in the face of disasters, providing relief in emergencies ranging from floods, tornados, and blizzards to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to delivering emergency relief through organizations working on the ground in the affected areas, the AVMF also provides disaster grants that help veterinarians and veterinary students cover immediate expenses and basic necessities after disasters, and reimburses the costs of veterinary care provided to animals.

This work relies on support from the entire veterinary community. If you can afford a financial gift and want to make an impact, please consider contributing to our profession’s response to those in need. Donate at

Safety and preparedness resources for practices and animal owners

Natural disasters threaten the safety of both people and animals, along with the environment. The following AVMA resources help both veterinary professionals and animal owners prepare for and deal with disasters:

A community effort

In times of challenge, we’re inspired to be part of a community that unites to aid those in need. If you’re able to make a donation, please join the effort.

Donate now


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