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Published on November 17, 2021
A diverse group of women and men applaud in a circle, smiling.

Nominate a colleague for an AVMA Excellence Award

If you know someone who is doing amazing things for our profession, consider nominating them for an AVMA Excellence Award as a way to honor and thank them. Nominations are now open for the 2022 awards program.

From animal welfare to clinical practice, and from research to public service, AVMA Excellence Awards honor those whose contributions have made a difference in the lives of animals and people. And they rely on AVMA members, who each year nominate deserving colleagues for recognition in every aspect of veterinary medicine.

Past winners have been educators, researchers, clinical practitioners, veterinary visionaries, as well as veterinary advocates and others who aren’t veterinarians but whose work has contributed significantly to advancing veterinary medicine. The variety of awards shows the breadth of veterinary medicine, the diversity of veterinary careers, and the many ways in which veterinary professionals protect both animal and human health:

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Help the AVMA community recognize our profession’s most deserving leaders and shine a light on the critically important work that veterinarians do in all fields—including those that aren’t always in the public eye. Review descriptions of the individual awards, consider which of your colleagues deserve to be nominated, then download and return the nomination forms.

Find more information, including awards criteria and nomination materials, at


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