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With the pace of change accelerating both in veterinary medicine and across society, veterinary decision-makers need reliable information to help chart our course. Current, accurate data is critical to decision-making.

2023 AVMA Report on the Economic State of the Veterinary Profession cover

Now available—and free to all AVMA members—the 2023 AVMA State of the Profession report provides detailed data and insights on the major trends affecting our profession. These include labor markets, compensation, debt, wellbeing, diversity, and practice characteristics. The report can help guide you toward the right decisions for your career and your practice. For example:

  • Use data on employment, compensation, and benefits to inform job negotiations.
  • Investigate what influences and improves employee engagement and retention.
  • Identify opportunities to boost your practice’s bottom line. 
  • Discover new ways to meet client demand without necessarily hiring more staff.
  • Use data on practice operations to gauge how your own practice is faring.
  • Understand important economic issues shaping veterinary medicine.

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What does the research show?

Written by the AVMA’s team of economists and researchers, the report aggregates data from three of the AVMA’s flagship research surveys: the AVMA Senior Survey of fourth-year veterinary students; the Census of Veterinarians; and the Veterinary Practice Owner Survey. 

The researchers noted the tightening of the labor market: incomes on the rise for veterinarians, and new graduates experiencing the highest rates of job offers ever. At the same time, student loan debt remains a concern, along with the impact of inflation.

Meanwhile, practices are navigating the transition to a society in which COVID-19 is endemic. It remains to be seen which aspects of veterinary medicine will normalize as time goes on, and which pandemic changes are more enduring. Additionally, practices are dealing with market concentration; managing talent, time, and space; and leveraging technology effectively and appropriately.

The 2023 AVMA State of the Profession report is a valuable information source for anyone concerned about the economics of veterinary practice and interested in the factors that shape the day-to-day lives of veterinary professionals. It’s available for sale in the AVMA store and offered to all AVMA members as a free benefit of membership in the Association. Get it now.


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