Free for the profession: Pet demographic report

Published on April 22, 2020

As the veterinary profession confronts the challenges and uncertainties created by COVID-19, it’s critical for us all to have access to resources that will help guide informed and strategic decision-making. For that reason, the AVMA is making our Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook available to all veterinary professionals at no cost.

This is an unprecedented move. The Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook is the most authoritative source of market research for companion animal veterinarians and the animal health industry, and a flagship of AVMA’s research work. The decision to make it available to the entire profession stems from the AVMA’s commitment to support the veterinary community in responding and adjusting to this extraordinary time. 

What’s in the report

The Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook includes the most comprehensive and trustworthy data available on pet ownership and related habits of U.S. pet-owning households. It provides actionable insight into the numbers and species of pets living in U.S. households, where they’re located, the trends and attitudes attached to pet ownership, how pets are viewed by their owners—and who the owners are. It also shows who visits a veterinarian, how frequently, and why. 

Among the extensive information included in the report:

  • Total pet ownership and pet populations
  • Pet owner demographics
  • Pet health, veterinary care use, and expenditures

Get it here.

COVID-19 business resources

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts every practice and veterinary professional, and the AVMA has developed resources to help veterinary businesses and team members adapt, survive, and even thrive. These include numerous tools to help businesses weather the economic downturn. Visit the business and economics section of our COVID-19 website to find guidance on these topics and others:

Free webinars

Coming soon

AVMA experts are working around the clock to continue developing tools. New resources now in the works include information about how veterinary practices across the nation are being impacted by the pandemic, plus additional practice tools. To stay informed as new materials are released, subscribe to this blog and follow AVMA’s social media pages.


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