Focus on wellbeing during Mental Health Awareness Month

Published on May 11, 2021
Concerned professional woman reaching her hand out to support a peer

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to take stock of our emotional and mental wellbeing – both as individuals and as a profession. A series of webinars added recently to the CE library on AVMA Axon provide new tools to support your own and colleagues’ wellbeing.

Visit AVMA Axon for these and other webinars that empower you to take ownership of your wellbeing and make health-centered decisions at work and home. All courses are free or discounted for AVMA members.

Adaptability: Getting back to being human – Discover the latest human neuroscience, behavioral studies, and practical tools that can help you achieve better health, connection, and adaptability.
Secrets to build unstoppable self confidence – Learn to identify and move past four unconscious habits that can keep us from believing in ourselves and following our dreams. 

The art of saying "no" – Identify your personal barriers to saying "no," and learn phrases that can help you create better boundaries and a more balanced workload.

You first: Creating success on your own terms – Embrace personal wellbeing and fulfillment by leaning into the areas of life that matter most. 

Suicide prevention and mental health – Learn strategies to promote mental health, identify the warning signs of a mental health crisis, get help for someone who’s struggling, and give support after a suicide event.

Support wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing at work is also crucial— both to team members' individual health and happiness, and to practice success. These resources—free for AVMA members—can help you integrate wellbeing into your practice or workplace:

Workplace wellbeing certificate
Over 2,000 veterinary professionals have already made use of this interactive program that teaches crucial skills to support a culture of wellbeing in the workplace.
Brave Space certificate
Learn how to turn your workplace into a safe, healthy, inclusive environment where individual differences aren’t just tolerated, but recognized and valued.

Tools to strengthen the veterinary team
These toolkits, available exclusively to AVMA members, offer guidance, best practices, and ready-to-use materials to help you build a more cohesive and collaborative workplace. 

Listen in: My Veterinary Life podcasts

Each episode in this four-part miniseries explores a different theme in wellbeing with Turpin Mott, chief community officer at National Veterinary Associates. 

Part 1: Whole person
Part 2: Life filters
Part 3: Emotional intelligence
Part 4: Culture

More resources on

Visit this month—and throughout the year—to access a full suite of wellbeing resources for veterinary professionals, from self-care and personal assessments to workplace wellbeing tools and more.


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