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Journey for Teams: Medical professionals

Are you interested in recruitment that will help your organization find the best possible job candidate, giving all applicants equal opportunity? 

If so, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of a new learning module released this month by Journey for Teams. Called The Art of Recruitment, it outlines an actionable approach to diversifying your workforce.

Practical learning: The Art of Recruitment

Diversity recruiting intentionally seeks and recruits individuals from a broad spectrum of social identities. 

Learn how you and your organization can help assemble a diverse workplace team: 

  • Understand that all team members contribute to the organization’s brand and can play a role in promoting commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
  • Expand your perspective by seeking diverse experiences, such as attending events or engaging in conversations outside your usual network.
  • Research new places to publicize job openings where a diverse audience is more likely to discover your opportunity. 

Like all Journey for Teams modules, The Art of Recruitment includes a short video and supporting resources that help you define a personalized path forward for yourself and your organization.

Explore the art of recruitment now in learning module 7 on the Journey for Teams website.

ICYMI: Catch up on previous topics

Journey for Teams releases a new learning module every month, exploring topics to deepen our understanding of and support for DEI. The program was developed by the AVMA in partnership with the Veterinary Medical Association Executives.
Visit to learn more and catch up on earlier educational modules.

Journey for Teams, developed by the AVMA in collaboration with the Veterinary Medical Association Executives, is generously supported by many industry partners.

Collaborating partners: National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America; Veterinary Hospital Managers Association

Educational partners—Trailblazers: Boehringer Ingelheim; Mars Veterinary Health; Nationwide; NAVC; National Veterinary Associates; Petco/Petco Love; Viticus Group; Zoetis

Educational partners—Adventurers:  CareCredit; Hill's Pet Nutrition; Merck Animal Health; Suveto


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