Explore AVMA health studies database and help advance veterinary medical care

Published on December 19, 2016
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Find Veterinary Clinical StudiesThe AVMA Animal Health Studies Database (AAHSD) can help connect you and your pet to veterinary clinical studies that could lead to a happier, healthier life for your pet and others. This searchable database provides information about various clinical trials and is free for researchers, veterinarians and animal owners like you. Whether you are searching for a clinical trial that specifically applies to your pet’s condition or you’re simply interested in veterinary research and would like to learn more or participate in some way, ask your veterinarian about the AAHSD.

Reasons for using the AAHSD

Clinical trials are critical to discovering new treatments and deepening our understanding of diseases. By collecting samples or information through these studies, researchers can investigate new therapies and gather scientific evidence to guide the clinical care of animals. There are a variety of ways the AAHSD can help you get involved in this process:

  • Find experimental therapies and treatments related to your animal’s specific condition
  • Provide healthy animal information as a comparison for researchers
  • Participate in the advancement of veterinary—and even human—medicine.

Taking part in a clinical trial could provide healing through experimental therapies or treatments that aren’t available for your pet elsewhere, while also providing scientists with data to continue scientific research and discovery. Even healthy patients are needed in research studies to provide health data or a sample from a normal animal. Developments made through these trials accelerate veterinary medical care for animals like yours and can even advance medical care for people, too.

If you’re interested in participating in one of these studies, please discuss your animal’s eligibility with your veterinarian.

How to use the AAHSD

The database is made up of clinical trials as reported by researchers. These researchers enter information about their clinical studies into the database, which you can then search by keyword, species, diagnosis, field of medicine, or even location, to find trials that might be relevant to your animal.

If you have searched the database and discovered a study in which you’d like to participate, please discuss your animal’s eligibility with your veterinarian, who can contact the researchers and help enroll your animal in the trial. Veterinarians can find information here about connecting their patients to veterinary clinical trials.

There is no fee for researchers, veterinarians or animal owners to use this tool. This resource has been provided by the AVMA primarily to promote scientific research and advance veterinary medical care for animals, with an additional function as an archive of completed studies.


Take a few minutes to explore the database and discover the various ways researchers are investigating topics in veterinary medicine. These studies cover a variety of animals, from cats and dogs to horses and exotic species. Ask your veterinarian about the possibility of your animal taking part in the advancement of veterinary medical care.


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