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CVTEA marks 50 years accrediting technician educational programs

You trust your credentialed veterinary technicians and rely on them to provide great patient care. Get ready to thank the AVMA Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities® (CVTEA) for helping make that possible.

Five decades of rigorous standards

Graphic showing 50 years of the AVMA Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities® (CVTEA)

The CVTEA, the accrediting body for veterinary technology education programs, turns 50 this year. Since 1972, CVTEA has set the standards for accredited veterinary technician programs in the United States. 

Accreditation by CVTEA represents the highest standard of achievement for veterinary technician education in the country – and it ensures that graduate, credentialed veterinary technicians have all the necessary skills to support busy veterinary practices and provide top-notch patient care.

Why accreditation matters

The CVTEA’s work means that students, technicians, employers, and veterinary clients can be confident in the quality of technicians’ education and the care they provide. It guarantees that graduate, credentialed technicians have met necessary levels of competence, successfully passed an assessment, and continue to receive up-to-date training throughout their careers.

Nearly all states require that veterinary technicians graduate from a CVTEA-accredited program to be eligible for credentialing. While team members often carry different titles in different practices, this credential – backed by the high standards of CVTEA accreditation – sets these team members apart from veterinary assistants, attendants, and caretakers.

Credentialed technicians are good for business

Credentialed veterinary technicians are an integral part of our teams. Research shows clear links between increased use of credentialed technicians and practice success. Graduate technicians help us keep our practices running smoothly and efficiently – from preparing animals for surgery and monitoring anesthesia patients, to taking X-rays, and answering client questions.

Not only does this free up veterinarians’ time for other tasks. Research shows it also can translate into a healthier work environment for everyone on the team.

Join the celebration

CVTEA 50th anniversary sealAs the CVTEA celebrates its 50th anniversary, the AVMA will be highlighting the committee’s crucial work, and sharing ways for you to recognize—and better utilize—the graduate veterinary technicians in your life. Follow our social media channels and blog for ideas, and visit the accreditation section of our website to learn more about the CVTEA and opportunities to get involved.

What better way to honor veterinary technicians than recommitting to make full use of their skills in our own practices?

Here are resources to help:

Utilizing veterinary technicians to improve practice success

National Veterinary Technician Week (October 16-22, 2022)

CE webinars on AVMA Axon®


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