Elevate your leadership style: New webinars on AVMA Axon

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Build skills that will help you as a leader, mentor, colleague, and coach with a set of four new CE webinars in the AVMA Axon® learning library.

The webinars provide on-demand access to some of the most popular sessions presented at the AVMA’s 2024 Veterinary Leadership Conference in January. Choose from the following courses:

Emotional intelligence in a digital world
Emotional intelligence plays a critical role in improving patient care and practice success. Discover nuances of emotional intelligence in digital settings, including best practices for building trust and rapport, providing personalized care, and managing client emotions in our connected world. 

Science of coaching: Inspire learning and change
An effective coaching relationship involves a deep emotional connection. Professor Richard Boyatzis, PhD, digs into the science behind different approaches to coaching. Uncover the techniques that are most effective in bringing about sustainable change and learning. 

Elevate your meetings: Inspire, interact, engage
Learn how to facilitate the kinds of meetings that make people feel inspired and engaged—meetings that are dynamic and energizing, filled with robust discussion and positive outcomes.

Two influencers you need on your leadership team
There are two key people that most leaders never even consider having on their team. In this session, you'll find out who they are and how they can help you influence the direction of your organization, even if you’re not the person in charge. 

Find all four webinars in the Best of Veterinary Leadership Conference 2024 series on AVMA Axon®. 


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