Don’t miss out on AVMA resources to build your practice

Published on September 20, 2019

AVMA members gain exclusive access to a wide range of benefits and tools that simplify and help you in your daily life and work. For clinical practitioners, these include numerous resources that support you in practice.

From communicating with clients and treating patients, to managing team members and improving back-office procedures, these AVMA tools help you streamline operations, save time and money, and grow your practice. Most are available to you free of charge and as an exclusive benefit of being an AVMA member.

Clinical guidance for daily practice

There are many critical and complex issues that veterinarians face every day when we treat patients and talk with clients. AVMA members have access to practical tools and knowledge resources that help quickly provide needed answers and pave the way for direct, productive conversations with clients.

In many cases, these include ready-to-use materials that can be downloaded straight from They cover some of the most current topics confronting veterinarians, including:

Exclusive savings, simplified purchasing

AVMA Member Edge provides access to exclusive deals and discounts on many of the products and services that veterinarians and our teams use every day: office supplies, business products, financial solutions, and team apparel among others. It even includes deals on car rentals, hotels, and tickets to shows and events across the country.

A new service added recently to Member Edge provides a simple, one-stop purchasing system that saves practices both money and time. AVMA Direct Connect combines the catalogs of all veterinary vendors on one website. You can research products, compare prices, see what’s in stock, and place orders all in one place, while buying from the vendors you already know and trust.

The tool is powered by Vetcove and includes valuable features that are only available to AVMA members, such as advanced purchasing analytics and a tool that lets you compare real-time pricing at consumer pharmacies.

Health insurance is available again

Did you know that the AVMA has resumed sponsoring health insurance coverage for many of our small-business members? Association health plans are available in select states through the AVMA LIFE Trust, and we’re working with lawmakers to expand the program to more states. See if your practice qualifies and learn about available plans.

Member benefits are powered by you

As the veterinary profession continues to evolve, so do AVMA members’ needs. We’re working every day to develop the tools and resources that members are asking for. The best way to keep up to date on new benefits and initiatives is to follow us right here on the blog, and make sure that you’re signed up to receive the AVMA Vitals newsletter.

Many of the benefits AVMA members enjoy are the result of suggestions made by members like you. That means your voice can impact what we do next. If there’s a program or service you think we should turn our attention to, please let us know. Contact your representatives on the Board of Directors or House of Delegates, or send in your idea using this form.


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