Don’t miss “The Opportunity” to discover what your clients think about preventive care

Published on May 10, 2017

Love Your Pet? See Your Vet!The importance of preventive care cannot be overstated, but it’s no secret that many pet owners only bring their pets to a veterinary clinic when they are visibly sick or injured. So, how do you convince your clients that routine wellness exams are not only vital in ensuring the health and well-being of their pets but will also save them money in the long run?

You can start by learning about their current thoughts on preventive care.

Partners for Healthy Pets offers The Opportunity, a survey tool you can use in your own practice to tap into the minds of your clients and veterinary care team, discovering their opinions and attitudes about preventive care. With the insight provided by this tool, you can pinpoint areas for possible improvement, refine and enhance specific practice areas and services, and, with the help of Partners for Healthy Pets, put practical solutions to work. The Opportunity tool allows you to see real-time survey results, which point you toward other tools offered by Partners for Healthy Pets to enhance the way you communicate with pet owners about preventive pet healthcare. The survey results are continually updated as more people fill out surveys, so you can use the tool on an ongoing basis to continuously improve your operations.

Now is the perfect time to discover client attitudes about preventive care

A Lifetime of Love - National Pet Week PosterWith National Pet Week® in full swing, your clients are already thinking about all the things they can do to keep their furry friends happy and healthy. Today’s Pet Week theme is “Love Your Pet? See Your Vet!," which focuses specifically on preventive care and why wellness exams are crucial for providing pets with a lifetime of love. Today’s momentum gives you the perfect chance to start using The Opportunity to discover what your clients really think about preventive care—and to encourage them to visit your clinic more regularly.

Getting started with The Opportunity is easy

  • Register your practice to instantly download customized surveys to distribute to clients.
  • Remember to log in to your account often to collect the results from your surveys in real-time.
  • Request that your own staff take the surveys as well so you can compare their responses with clients and address any gaps or discrepancies.

The Opportunity survey is just one of many resources that Partners for Healthy Pets offers to veterinarians in their Practice Resources Toolbox. To explore the other tools you can use to build your practice, visit

Special thanks to Purina for its support of 2017 National Pet Week®.