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Published on December 15, 2021
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A first-of-its-kind supplemental issue from the editors of JAVMA addresses the continuum of care for surgical patients, from preoperative communication with owners through postoperative follow-up.

The supplemental report “Surgery in Your Practice” is already available online and will arrive in print for subscribers with the January 15, 2022, issue of the journal. It delivers practical new learning on a full range of surgical topics, including: 

  • Preoperative communications with owners
  • Survival times and procedure choices
  • Decreasing perioperative morbidity through drug selection
  • Optimizing postoperative recovery 

What can you expect to find?

Cover of JAVMA special supplemental issue, "Surgery in Your Practice"This supplement focuses on practical research that clinical practitioners can apply immediately in caring for surgical patients. For example, one article describes a technique for performing a thoracic paravertebral block that results in superior pain control and improved recovery in dogs undergoing radical mastectomy. “This technique can be readily performed in all practices to decrease postoperative patient morbidity,” JAVMA Editor-in-Chief Dr. Lisa A. Fortier said in an editorial introducing the supplement.
The articles included in the supplement were selected by JAVMA’s editors “to address the continuum of care for your patients requiring surgery,” Dr. Fortier said. Her editorial illustrated the types of questions addressed by the supplement. For example: 

  • When presented with a dog with nontraumatic hemoabdomen due to splenic disease, how do you advise clients on the cost of surgery versus the benefit of survival time postsplenectomy?
  • What kind of outcomes can be expected when treating aural hematomas with surgical drainage versus a less invasive corticosteroid injection?
  • What is the long-term prognosis for a dog with multiple acquired portosystemic shunts? 
  • How can your choice of sedative make a difference in preventing or reducing the incidence and severity of perioperative nausea and emesis in dogs?

Read the supplement

Look for more special supplements from JAVMA

“Surgery in Your Practice” is JAVMA’s first special supplement, but definitely not the last. The JAVMA team plans to bring supplemental issues to readers twice a year, adding to the value of the journal subscription and AVMA membership. The editors already have several topics lined up for supplements but are interested in hearing from readers as well. “Please let us know your thoughts,” Dr. Fortier said. “We are here to listen to you.”

AVMA journals: Leading the profession forward 

The introduction of supplemental issues is the latest change as AVMA’s scientific journals evolve to continue supporting readers and the veterinary profession in 2022 and beyond. A new journals website came on line this fall, bringing an array of improvements for readers, including more user-friendly navigation and design, enhanced search, and integrated sign-in with the main AVMA website,

Continuing through 2022, both JAVMA and AJVR are reimagining readers’ experience with a series of wide-ranging changes that will make them even more practical, forward-looking, and authoritative. News and leading-edge research will get to you faster. And you’ll see increased emphasis on the clinical applications you deal with in your practice of medicine, no matter what species you work with.

Stay informed about upcoming changes by subscribing to receive free news alerts when blog posts are published here on AVMA@Work. 


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