Disaster relief for Ukraine

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How you can support affected people and animals

As we watch the devastation of war unfold in Ukraine, many in the veterinary community are asking how we can help. Through the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), you can now find helpful information about organizations providing emergency relief and support to those affected, including veterinary teams and the animals they care for.

The reports coming out of Ukraine are heart-wrenching, describing injury, food shortages, and damage to homes and facilities. As hundreds of thousands of residents flee the country, the number of displaced animals also grows, along with the need for food, shelter, and emergency veterinary care. The animals and people of Ukraine need help.

The AVMF, AVMA’s charitable foundation, is working to identify reputable organizations that are mobilizing to send emergency relief. Visit the AVMF’s Disaster relief in Ukraine page to connect with humanitarian organizations, veterinary groups, and animal charities that are supporting those in need.


Melissa Connolly, DVM
March 07, 2022 Permalink

list of relief organizations

I went to see if I could donate, but when directed to the Ukrainian VMA site, I was sad to see there wasn’t a translation so that I could help


If you put the website into Google chrome you can add the Google translate extension which will allow you to translate any website

Ukraine disaster relief - direct help

I have just sent a message to the above suggested site because it is all in Ukrainian.

What I wrote is as follows:

"Hi, There are a bunch of Americans that want to help out however they can. Accept they need an a website in English. Perhaps a Google Translate button added to this site?
Here is a link to where you might add how we can help: you.https://www.avma.org/blog/disaster-relief-ukraine"

I really hope this helps.

Nathalie tokateloff
March 10, 2022 Permalink

Equiwent ev

Please add www.equiwent.org to your list, a wonderful Organisation based ou of Germany that hast Bern acrive in rumania building Vet clinics to Help horses and pets. They Branched into humanitarian auf when they realised that you cant Help animals sustainably If their owners are starving . They are nie Helling people and animals at the Ukraine Border and within.

March 30, 2022 Permalink

Getting veterinary supplies sent to Ukraine

I am a veterinarian in Georgia. How would we get a bulk of veterinary supplies sent to Ukraine....what do they need. How do we connect to group to transfer supplies.

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