December webinars: Ways to help your community

Published on November 29, 2018

This blog was updated 12/10/2018 to reflect changes made to the webinar "Caring for Pets of the Sick and Elderly: Leadership in your Community".

Explore disaster relief and other service opportunities

When disaster strikes a community, animals are impacted along with people. With our unique clinical knowledge and skill set, veterinarians can be invaluable in both emergency response and advance preparedness. If you’re interested in learning how to lend a hand in an emergency situation, plan to join the AVMA Veterinary Career Center next week for a free, live CE webinar exploring this topic.

On Wednesday, December 5, Dr. Warren Hess, an assistant director in the AVMA’s Division of Animal and Public Health, will discuss opportunities you may want to consider in the field of disaster veterinary medicine – either as a paid professional or a volunteer.

You’ll learn about:

  • The training and skills needed to be an emergency responder, and which organizations can help you prepare
  • What you can expect if you want to assist in disaster recovery and response efforts
  • How to educate animal owners about emergency preparedness planning and post-disaster response

Veterinarians who attend the live webinar at noon Central time on Wednesday, December 5, will be eligible to receive 1 hour of continuing education (CE) credit.  The webinar also will be recorded for on-demand viewing, but CE credit will be available only for live attendees.

You can learn more and register here.

More December online learning

There are many ways veterinarians can serve our communities, enriching the lives of both people and animals. Join us Friday, December 14, to learn about another in “Caring for Pets of the Sick and Elderly: Leadership in your Community.” This free CE webinar will discuss how veterinary professionals can help human hospice and palliative care patients keep their pets.

Presenters Dianne McGill, Dr. Bob Lester, and Dr. Mia Cary will provide insight into the importance of pets in the lives of human patients, practical ways veterinarians can provide support, and examples of programs that help make these connections.

This free, live webinar is part of the AVMA’s Lead & Learn series. It’s open to all veterinary professionals, with the option to earn 1 hour of CE credit. AVMA members who can’t attend the live session will be able to watch it later as an on-demand webinar with an option to earn the same CE credit.

On demand: Do we have a mental health crisis?

If you missed last month’s Lead & Learn webinar on veterinary mental health and wellbeing, the recording is now available on our website and free for viewing by all AVMA members. In “Do We Have a Mental Health Crisis? Results of the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Wellbeing Study,” Dr. Elizabeth Strand, founding director of veterinary social work at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine digs into the results of the first definitive study measuring the prevalence of mental illness and levels of wellbeing among U.S. veterinarians. The AVMA partnered with Merck Animal Health to make this landmark study a success, and we encourage you to learn about the findings. This webinar will give you a deeper understanding of the state of mental health in our profession, including recommendations for what can be done at the organizational, individual, and practice levels to improve wellbeing. Watch it here.

The Lead & Learn series is supported by an educational grant from Zomedica.


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