COVID-19 resources: Economic relief, small business tools, and more

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COVID-19 Infection Map - March 23, 2020


New tools help you navigate the most recent developments

This information was sent to AVMA members in an email update last night (Wednesday, April 1, 2020).

Economic relief

Federal agencies are moving quickly to implement the COVID-19 stimulus measures. The Treasury Department says lenders will be able to begin processing applications for forgivable small-business loans through the Paycheck Protection Program as early as this Friday, April 3, with approval possible the day of application. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has posted a sample loan application to help potential applicants prepare.

AVMA has developed a suite of resources to help you understand the relief programs, including this new loan program, and decide how best to use them for your individual situation:

Understand the details of new programs and requirements

Our COVID-19 legislation and regulations page has detailed information to help you understand how the federal relief measures affect you, your team, and your business:

Another page: Addressing contractual obligations helps you identify considerations for addressing financial obligations to vendors and suppliers when business operations are reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tools for food animal veterinarians and shelters

Two new AVMA resources provide practical guidance to help food animal veterinarians and animal shelter personnel carry out essential work during the pandemic:

Coming soon

AVMA continues to develop new resources to help you navigate the evolving situation. Some of the materials we're working on:

  • Updated guidance on small business programs from Washington, DC
  • More free webinars on both economic and scientific topics
  • Information for equine practices

All of these resources will be available on the AVMA’s COVID-19 webpage, along with a wide range of other practical tools to help veterinarians and veterinary practices navigate the coronavirus pandemic. We continue to add new information and resources. You can subscribe to this blog and follow AVMA’s social media pages to make sure you stay informed.


donations of materials

I live in Colorado and there was a recent news story about a local veterinarian that donated all her supplies of medically approved masks and other vital material to a local hospital. As she said, she could do her job with the cloth masks that people were making. The amount of material she donated was amazing. It would be great if organization would encourage your members to do the same. How many critical workers could be protected through these donations! Spread the word!!! Thanks

can't open the webinars- always goes to a page saying malware!

and says 'Site Blocked'!

RE: can't open the webinars

We're sorry to hear this. We’re looking into it on our end, but haven’t come across this issue before. In the meanwhile, is it possible to check your browser/virus protection settings? When we have more information, we will follow-up with you.

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