Council on Education provides update, holds listening session

Published on August 08, 2016
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Update - August 16, 2016: A transcript of this session is now available.
Advancing veterinary medical educationRepresentatives of the Council on Education (COE) held an update and listening session on August 7 during the AVMA Annual Convention in San Antonio.

To provide greater transparency, the COE provided a “year in review” update to attendees prior to the listening session.

  • Standards 10 and 11 were revised in September 2015 after in-depth review and consideration of stakeholder input. Revisions provide more clarity to colleges as to the Council's expectations regarding Research Programs and Outcomes Assessment. Per COE policy regarding assessment of revised standards, assessment of schools based on these revised standards will begin in October 2016.
  • Comments were solicited regarding proposed changes to Standards 3, 4, 5 and 6 in early 2016 as part of the in-depth annual review of each standard. The revisions require colleges to include outcomes to demonstrate compliance. Assessment of schools based on these revised standards will begin in April 2017.
  • A working group was established to review the COE Guidelines for Implementation of a Distributive Veterinary Clinical Education Model. The group will provide its report to the full COE for consideration in September 2016, and we’ll update you on the outcomes.
  • As a result of stakeholder input, the COE convened the working groups who are charged with providing recommendations, if any, on changes to the standards regarding diversity and student finances. Their report also will be presented to the full COE in September, and public comment will be sought and considered prior to final approval by the COE.
  • As a part of the ongoing cyclical review process, the COE will review Standards 7 (Admission), 8 (Faculty) and 9 (Curriculum) at its September 2016 meeting. Public comment will be sought and considered prior to final approval by the COE for any proposed change.

During the listening session, attendees were invited to provide feedback and comments about the accreditation process and related issues. The comments will be presented to the full Council on Education for consideration and response as appropriate. An audio recording of the session was made and will be transcribed; we’ll provide a link to the transcript once it’s available.

The Council on Education is the U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting body for veterinary medical education in the United States, and the USDE has also found the COE to have a quality assurance system for evaluating the quality of foreign veterinary medical schools that is acceptable to the Department.  Comprised of 20 members representing a diverse cross section of the veterinary profession as well as members of the public, the COE ensures quality professional veterinary medical education that meets the needs of society and the profession.

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