Congratulations, AVMA award winners!

Published on August 08, 2017

Awards honor veterinary excellence in all disciplines

AVMA Awards Rewarding Excellence Showcasing Veterinary KnowledgeCongratulations to the 13 veterinarians, animal health professionals and animal lovers who have been named as recipients of AVMA Excellence in Veterinary Medicine Awards! These individuals were recognized for outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the veterinary profession in a wide range of fields, from public service to private practice, research to education, and policy to advocacy.

Please join us in recognizing and applauding the recipients: 

The AVMA Excellence Awards are presented annually to showcase the achievements of veterinarians and others who work to improve animal health and welfare across all disciplines and career paths — from educators, researchers, practitioners and technicians, to concerned animal-loving members of the public.

“These outstanding individuals represent the best and the brightest in veterinary medicine,” said the AVMA’s 2016-17 president, Dr. Tom Meyer, who presented many of the awards during the AVMA Convention in July. “We are proud to recognize them and their valuable work, and thank them for their contributions — to our association, and to the entire profession.”

In addition to rewarding the exceptional work of AVMA members and other veterinary professionals and advocates, the AVMA’s awards shine a light on the many diverse facets of veterinary medicine, highlighting important work that often is done outside the public eye. News releases issued by the AVMA about each award recipient alert both veterinary reporters and general media to the important work done in all facets of veterinary medicine.

Award recipients are nominated by you!

The AVMA awards program brings AVMA's member voices to the forefront. Aside from the President’s Award recipients – who are selected by the AVMA president – all award winners are nominated by their peers and colleagues, and judged based on the merits described in letters of support from fellow veterinarians. Thus, the awards present a unique opportunity for you to give back to someone who has inspired you personally and made a difference in veterinary medicine.

There’s no better way to honor a mentor, colleague, or peer than by nominating them for an AVMA Excellence Award. Nominations for 2018 awards will open in the fall; in the meantime, you can learn more about the wide range of AVMA awards at, and begin thinking about colleagues you might want to recognize with a nomination.