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60-day comment period open for AVMA members

Proposed updates to the Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics (PVME) are available for review, and the AVMA is seeking comments from members on this DRAFT. The Principles describe a set of behaviors that serve as a Code of Conduct for veterinarians.

The PVME is intended to guide veterinarians in the ethical delivery of quality veterinary services in a variety of situations and circumstances. Some of the changes in the updated DRAFT PVME include:

  • Addition of a Code of Conduct, based heavily on the existing PVME’s Principles and Supporting Annotations, with some clarifying edits
  • Integrating the rationale currently included in the PVME’s Supporting Annotations into the Code of Conduct
  • Recasting the Useful Terms section as Definitions

How to submit comments

Considering the experiences, perspectives, and insights of AVMA members is important when the Association’s policies are reviewed. Please read through the DRAFT PVME, then complete a short form to communicate any specific changes you suggest and what your rationale is for those changes. The comment period closes at 11:59 p.m. Central Time on March 4, 2024.

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Comment on updates to the Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethic

It is unethical for veterinarians to perform invasive and unnecessary cosmetic procedures in animals. E statement on ethical care should advocate for the ban of ear cropping, tail docking, etc as more progressive countries have done. It will come to that eventually, so AVMA should lead on this important welfare issue.

AVMA member for 33 years.

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