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Partners for Healthy Pets Preventive Healthcare Certificate ProgramAs veterinarians are well aware, preventive care is key to keeping pets healthy. But if your clients don’t know, or believe, this to be true, what can you do to educate them?

Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) offers a free online training program that can improve your ability to provide preventive care. Appropriate for all members of the veterinary team, the Preventive Healthcare Certificate Program provides practical tools and strategies to help you better educate clients on the importance of preventive healthcare, and the value of making yearly visits to the veterinarian.

The certificate program is comprised of 10 training modules that can be completed online, on your own schedule. Upon completion of the course, you will be fully versed on the latest preventive care guidelines and will have acquired new skills to help effectively communicate the benefits of preventive care to your clients both in person and through your marketing efforts. Among the training modules included in the program are:

  • Identifying your clinic's opportunities
  • Implementing preventive healthcare guidelines
  • Monthly payment plans for preventive healthcare
  • Internet marketing and social media
  • Communication skills
  • Feline-friendly implementation

The certificate program also helps you gain insight into the many other free tools and resources offered by Partners for Healthy Pets, which can help you improve the quality of your services and run a more successful practice.

Participating in the Preventive Healthcare Certificate Program is a great way to build your own resume while also learning new techniques to improve client compliance and enhance the level of care you provide to patients.

The AVMA is an active partner and supporter of Partners for Healthy Pets. Learn more and sign up for the Preventive Healthcare Certificate Program today.


Partners for healthy pets

I am interested in the Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) free online training program. However, for months the website has not been working. Has the website changed or is there anyone I can contact about starting this program?

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