Celebrate veterinary art: JAVMArt Jubilee book available

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Collage of artwork from JAVMArt Jubilee book

The veterinary art featured on the covers of JAVMA has brought joy to readers, AVMA members, and the veterinary community for more than five decades. Now, in celebration of JAVMA’s 50th anniversary, the journal’s editors have published a coffee-table book that showcases that artwork.

“JAVMArt Jubilee: Celebrating 50 Years of our Favorite Cover Art” is now available for purchase in the AVMA Store.

The book features more than 180 works of JAVMA cover art created over the years by artists associated with the veterinary profession—veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary students, and their families and friends. 

“The JAVMA cover has long been highly coveted real estate,” said Editor-in-Chief Dr. Lisa Fortier. “Readers genuinely enjoy seeing the beauty of animals depicted in various mediums, and artists are grateful to have their work featured on the cover of the world’s premier veterinary journal.” 

Celebrating in the pages of JAVMA

In addition to the coffee-table book, JAVMA’s editors have been celebrating these artworks with journal subscribers. A 19-member JAVMArt Jubilee Committee selected 25 favorite pieces of cover art from the book and asked AVMA Convention attendees last year to pare down the list to the top 12. These 12 pieces were featured in a collage on the cover of the April 2023 journal and are being reproduced in the 2023 issues of JAVMA.

JAVMA subscribers also can view a gallery of cover art from all of the journals dating back to 2018 on the JAVMA website.

Read more about the coffee-table book and the history of JAVMA’s cover art:


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