Celebrate National Pet Week in your clinic

Published on April 30, 2021
National Pet Week

This past year has been like no other year in our lives, but our pets have been right next to us to help us through. Celebrate all pets do for us during National Pet Week®! Observed the first week of May each year, National Pet Week is an opportunity not only to appreciate our pets but also to educate pet owners about caring for their pets responsibly. Join in next week, May 2- 8, to spread the word about important pet care topics.

Each day of National Pet Week focuses on a different responsible pet ownership theme:

  • Choose well: Commit for life
  • Socialize now: New doesn't have to be scary
  • Nutrition and exercise matter
  • Love your pet? See your vet!
  • Travel with care
  • Emergencies happen: Be prepared
  • Plan for their care: Give them a lifetime of love

These themes can help direct pet owners toward important information about keeping pets healthy and happy. There are more tips on caring for pets at avma.org/PetWeek.

Save the date: Human-animal bond webinar

On Friday, May 7, the AVMA will be hosting a special National Pet Week webinar called “Human-animal bond: Know the science.” Available free to veterinary professionals and the public, the webinar will explore fundamental questions regarding why people like animals, how animals perceive people, and whether animals really help people live longer, happier, healthier lives. Be sure to join us as we delve into the unique bond between pets and people.

Register now

Member-exclusive toolkit

AVMA provides members with a variety of tools to help spread the word during National Pet Week. Find these resources and more when you check out the National Pet Week veterinary toolkit on the AVMA website:

  • Client education materials: Find online and print resources related to each of the seven themes to share with pet owners.
  • Social media tools: Get inspiration, copy-and-paste posts, and downloadable images to share on your clinic’s social media channels.
  • Celebration ideas and publicity tools: Download a sample proclamation and kids’ coloring books, and see other ideas for observing National Pet Week.

For the full suite of information, resources, and tools to help you celebrate National Pet Week, visit avma.org/PetWeek.


National Pet Week® is made possible in part through support from our partner, CareCredit.


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