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Published on March 02, 2020
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“Best of VLC” webinars focus on management and personal skills

Succeeding in veterinary medicine requires skill-building and practice in areas far beyond the medical realm. Veterinary careers demand resilience, interpersonal communication, team-building, and management skills. Five new webinars available on AVMA Axon will help you build and hone those abilities, while also earning CE credit.

The webinars are selections of the most popular and practical CE sessions presented at the 2020 Veterinary Leadership Conference last month in Chicago. They cover a wide range of management and leadership-related topics, including adaptivity and trust in the workplace, crucial skills for new veterinarians, managing remote teams, and more. In all of them, you’ll learn practical strategies that can help you become a more confident and effective leader.

The VLC keynote address, “Brave new work: Reinventing workplace culture", is available free of charge for all veterinary professionals. The other sessions can be viewed at a discounted rate of just $15 for AVMA and Student AVMA (SAVMA) members, or $30 for non-members.

Brave new work: Reinventing workplace culture: Organizations are complex human systems full of potential waiting to be released. Discover the fundamental principles and practices that shape our workplaces, and learn how to drive business success by prioritizing adaptivity and autonomy over efficiency and control.

Early-career success: Essential skills (1 CE credit): Transitioning from school to veterinary practice means mastering new skills in both your professional and personal life. Learn three skills that are crucial for anyone entering veterinary medicine.

Purposeful leadership practices (1.5 CE credit): Research finds those who work for or with a purposeful leader are more engaged, fulfilled, resilient, and high performing. Learn how to inspire and drive employees and organizations, and gain tangible skills to cultivate fulfilled and resilient teams.

Remote leadership: Get the most from your team (1 CE credit): Technology allows team members the advantage of working together from various locations. Learn techniques and strategies to implement accountability, teamwork, open communication, and collaboration effectively among remote team members.

Zoognosis: What animals teach us about leadership (1 CE credit): Just like zoonoses—diseases that can be spread between humans and animals—knowledge also can transfer both ways. Learn how to recognize and leverage examples of zoognosis: the knowledge spread between humans and animals.

You can find all of these presentations in the Best of Veterinary Leadership Conference category on AVMA Axon.

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