CE from AVMA Convention 2022 now available on demand

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AVMA Virtual Convention

AVMA Axon courses offer learning for the whole veterinary team

Watch 12 of the most popular sessions from AVMA Convention 2022, now available on AVMA Axon. Whether you were unable to attend Convention, or happened to miss some of these sessions, now is your chance to catch up. Topics range from dental procedures to diabetes, and ER tips to burnout. You’ll find them all in the Best of AVMA Convention Events category in the digital course catalog.

Each of these webinars offers 1 hour of CE credit:

Top 30 tips from the ER
Consistently ranked one of the most popular sessions at AVMA Convention, this fast-paced presentation reveals tips and tricks on a broad array of emergency medicine topics.

Stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue
Explore the emotional and physical demands that might affect veterinary professionals. Learn what you can do to manage stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue.

Insulin resistance and the troublesome diabetic
Learn how to recognize insulin resistance and what commonly causes it. Explore monitoring options for diabetic patients, and discover how to best communicate with their owners.

Polyuria and polydipsia in small animal medicine
Discover an algorithm to work through PU/PD cases in a rational, step-by-step approach. Learn what tests to prioritize, how to communicate with owners, and various treatment options.

Diarrhea in dogs and cats: First, do no harm
Explore why antibiotics can be harmful in treating diarrhea, and in which circumstances they can help. Come away with alternative therapies for managing diarrhea.

Food hypersensitivity in dogs and cats
Learn the science behind cutaneous adverse food reactions and the latest canine and feline diet options. Discover tips and tricks to ensure compliance with diet trials.

Poisoned patient: Top 5 mistakes to avoid
Learn the top mistakes to avoid when treating a poisoned patient. Discover important aspects of managing a poison case.

Oncology advances in screening and treatment
Explore genetic cancer screening options in veterinary oncology. Learn about Laverdia, a new drug in the treatment of lymphoma, and the basics of cancer vaccines.

Mast cell tumors: What’s new
Explore mast cell tumor (MCT) grading and related pathology reports. Learn about the medicine Stelfonta for dogs, and how to palliate cancer patients in the primary care setting.

Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS)
Learn about the underlying pathophysiology of BOAS and explore various surgical treatment options.

Dental tips you can put into practice today
Learn small animal dental tips that you can implement right away in practice. Come away with practical information to help you evaluate cases, interpret radiographs, and inform treatment decisions.

Most sessions are available to AVMA and Student AVMA (SAVMA) members at a discounted rate of $15 per course. Non-members can purchase them for $30. The session Stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue is free for all veterinary professionals.

Also available free of charge is the keynote address, Owning your narrative with Bertice Berry. Renowned sociologist and best-selling author Bertice Berry, PhD, discusses the power and impact of owning your own narrative. Using her unique blend of storytelling, humor, and sociological research, she illustrates ways to redefine, reclaim, and own your own purpose and story – and shows why it matters to both you and the veterinary profession.

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