AVMA’s free mentorship program expands

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Mentoring available to all AVMA members within 10 years of graduation

The AVMA’s popular mentorship pairing program is now welcoming all AVMA members with less than 10 years of professional experience to receive free mentoring.

Less than a year after it welcomed its first mentees from the class of 2023, MentorVet Connect has been expanded for the second time. Now, any AVMA member can receive free mentoring anytime within their first 10 years after graduating from veterinary school.

Interested in signing up to receive mentoring? Get started here.

Connecting and growing through mentorship

MentorVet Connect pairs trained mentor veterinarians with early-career AVMA members, creating connections that can be transformational for mentees. Mentors can provide both professional and emotional support to steer early-career colleagues on a path toward success and fulfillment. 

  • Both mentor and mentee get training in advance—helping to ensure the mentoring will be productive.
  • The formal mentoring relationship lasts six months. After that, mentor and mentee can decide together if they want to continue.
  • Mentoring takes place remotely, so geography isn’t an issue. 

Learn more about the program at avma.org/Mentor.

Become a mentor

MentorVet Connect is also looking for experienced veterinarians who want to become mentors. Volunteering as a mentor is a rewarding and practical way to give back to the profession we love, and the mentoring relationship can transform both participants. 

Any AVMA member who is licensed and has at least one year of experience can apply to become a mentor. Mentors complete a five-hour orientation, eligible for RACE-approved CE, before being paired with potential mentees. 

Fill out the mentor registration application here, or learn more about becoming a mentor at avma.org/Mentor.


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