AVMA provides first-ever veterinary telecast via telehealth

Published on September 21, 2020
Young woman holding a dog and mobile phone

Telemedicine is changing how veterinary teams work – how we see patients and how we interact with clients.

Now it’s also changing how we can access important information to help do our jobs and stay ahead in our profession.

AVMA has partnered with the PetPro Tele+ app to create the first veterinary information channel available via telehealth. The AVMA Telecast will inform and connect app users to valuable AVMA professional and personal resources:

  • Clinical guidelines and advances
  • Client education materials
  • Wellbeing content
  • Tools to support practice profitability
  • CE training

We’ll provide timely advice, updates on veterinary and public policy, links to new veterinary resources, and more. 

Information when and where you need it

The AVMA Telecast is a new way to access the content and resources available as benefits of AVMA membership – wherever and whenever you need them. It’s part of AVMA’s commitment to deliver information and tools to members in the ways that matter most to you.

If your clinic already uses the PetPro Tele+ app, you’ll find the AVMA Telecast under the “Telecasts” link on your homescreen. To learn more about both the AVMA Telecast and the app, visit avma.org/Telecast.


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