AVMA podcasts named best in veterinary medicine

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Have you listened to the two best podcasts about veterinary medicine? If you listen to the AVMA’s podcasts, then the answer is a resounding yes!

My Veterinary Life and Veterinary Vertex have been named the #1 and #2 podcasts in all of veterinary medicine by FeedSpot. The editors at FeedSpot, an RSS feed reading platform, say they reviewed thousands of veterinary podcasts to identify the top 100 based on “relevancy, authority, social media followers, and freshness.”

My Veterinary Life

My Veterinary Life explores the human side of veterinary medicine, sharing inspiring stories from our colleagues across the profession. Each week, listeners hear from a different guest about their personal veterinary journey, including the challenges, successes—and often hilarious anecdotes—that have led them to where they are now in their career. 

It's a fresh and fun look at our professional community and a reminder of the joys that come with a career in veterinary medicine. These recent episodes can give you a feel for this series hosted by Drs. Marci Kirk and Annie Chavent:

Veterinary Vertex

Veterinary Vertex takes listeners behind the scenes of the clinical and research discoveries published in the AVMA’s scientific journals. The weekly episodes explore cutting-edge veterinary research and offer in-depth insights that you won’t find anywhere else, along with a healthy dose of inspiration. 

Hosted by Drs. Lisa Fortier and Sarah Wright, these 20-minute podcasts entertain while also helping you stay abreast of research discoveries that have practical implications in your daily work. Check out these recent episodes:


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