AVMA IN THE NEWS: Week of October 18, 2015

Published on October 26, 2015
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To provide a look at where and how often the AVMA has been mentioned in the media in the past week, the AVMA Media Relations Division has developed this weekly AVMA@Work blog series, “AVMA in the News,” showing the number of times AVMA appeared in the media, as well as a sampling of those hits.

We hope you find these reports informative. As always, we appreciate any questions or feedback you might have on our media relations efforts.

Sunday, October 18 – Saturday, October 24
: 681
Daily Average: 97.3
2015 High Avg.: 105.3 (week of March 8)



How to Spot and Prevent a Dog Ear Infection
. … There are two main types of dog ear infections: outer ear infections and inner ear infections, says Joseph Kinnarney, DVM, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. …

Pot for your pup? Startups cash in on cannabis trend
San Francisco Chronicle
. … The American Veterinary Medical Association doesn’t support the use of medical cannabis for pets for this reason. “We don’t want veterinarians to do anything that would hurt animals or put them in legal trouble,” said spokesman Michael San Filippo. …

Deep Breath (or Bark) and Relax
Oklahoma Magazine
. … Interest in alternative health options for dogs has grown so much that the American Veterinary Medical Association now recognizes alternative medicine as a valid form of treatment. …

Why Anti-Declawing Activists Torpedoed the ‘America’s Favorite Veterinarian’ Contest
Good Magazine
. … AVMA officials tried to make “declawgate” an opportunity to discuss cyberbullying. The organization launched an investigation into the most extreme or personal comments, petitioned Facebook to take accountability for the reputation damage that cyberbullies can cause small businesses, and marched out studies about the frequency with which veterinarians experience internet hate. …

Weymouth woman leads the charge for those who cannot
Boston Globe
. … This summer, she spoke at the National Sheriff’s Association meeting in Baltimore and the American Veterinary Medical Association conference in Boston to help law enforcement work with vets to build stronger cases. …

Can Independent Dog-Walking Musicians Still Get By in D.C.?
Washington City Paper
. … D.C. has the lowest rate of pet ownership in the country by a wide margin, according to a 2012 survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Yet the city has seen a proliferation of pet care professionals. ...

Cass Co. Sheriff's Department Warning About Rabies
“…It’s caused by a bullet shaped virus that damages the brain…” says a YouTube video from the American Veterinary Medical Association. …

Brunswick Co. deputies warn about distemper exposure for pets
. … According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), canine distemper is a highly contagious and serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems of puppies and dogs. …

Keep Halloween safe for your pets
The News-Star (La.)
. … Here’s seven things you can do to make Halloween safer for your pet from the American Veterinary Medical Association: …


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