AVMA IN THE NEWS: Week of January 3, 2016

Published on January 11, 2016
information-circle This article is more than 3 years old

To provide a look at where and how often the AVMA has been mentioned in the media in the past week, the AVMA Media Relations Division has developed this weekly AVMA@Work blog series, “AVMA in the News,” showing the number of times AVMA appeared in the media, as well as a sampling of those hits.

We hope you find these reports informative. As always, we appreciate any questions or feedback you might have on our media relations efforts.

Sunday, January 3 – Saturday, January 9
: 62
Daily Average: 8.86
2015 High Avg.: 105.3 (week of March 8)
2015 Low Avg.: 5.7 (week of October 11)



Protecting Pets As The Temperature Drops
CBS Philadelphia
. … The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends making sure your pet has had a recent wellness exam, especially because colder temperatures can worsen some medical conditions, such as arthritis. …

The great pet debate: Fidos or felines?
The Columbian (Mo.)
. … Information from the Humane Society for Southwest Washington, the American Pet Products Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association. …

Nine things your home insurance may not cover
Christian Science Monitor
. … The American Veterinary Medical Association lists the dogs most likely to bite humans, and appearing on that list is often a black mark for insurance companies. …

Mobile vets: Choosing at-home euthanasia for your pet
. … Nelson says pet owners in the D.C. metro area looking for local, mobile vets can ask their regular doctor for recommendations when the time comes for euthanasia, or they can visit the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website. …

Kitten dies in botched declawing, 2 charged, Miami-Dade police say 
. … The American Veterinary Medical Association alleges the declawing procedure should be considered "only after attempts have been made to prevent the cat from using its claws destructively or when its clawing presents a zoonotic risk for its owner(s). …”

Best Benefit Ever: Market Research for Veterinarians
Associations Now
. … The American Veterinary Medical Association offers an array of resources to help members make informed decisions, even when they’re not tending to their patients. …

WHO Opposes Global Control of Ketamine
The Horse
. … Ketamine is probably the most widely used veterinary anesthetic in the world, primarily because of its safety, says René Carlson, DVM, president of the World Veterinary Association and 2015 president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Ketamine is also the only induction anesthetic agent used for horses in many countries. …





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