AVMA membership hits record 96,500

Published on November 23, 2020
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Board approves 2021 budget focused on member value

By: Dr. Lori Teller, Board of Directors Chair; Dr. Doug Kratt, AVMA President; Dr. Jon Pennell, House Advisory Committee Chair; Dr. Janet Donlin, AVMA Executive Vice President


The AVMA and our Board of Directors would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all our members for their contributions on surpassing a terrific AVMA milestone—96,500 members!

This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and passion of every one of our members who have shown their commitment to the profession and the association, and who continue to lend their increasing strength and unified voice to help improve animal and human health through the practice of veterinary medicine.

The membership announcement came during the AVMA Board’s recent November meeting and builds on the success we achieved in 2019, when our membership numbers also hit a record high. Your association continues to grow, and we are continuing to work hard every day to meet our members’ needs.

2021 budget, strategy approved

Providing value to our members in both work and life is the AVMA’s focus. To meet those objectives, the AVMA Budget and Financial Review and Strategy Management committees presented—and the Board approved—a 2021 budget and strategic operating plan focused on our ongoing efforts to provide our members the services, products, and support they need to thrive both professionally and personally. We crafted 2021 operational and budget plans that make fiscal sense while also focusing on providing the products and services our members expect.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect all of us both professionally and personally, the AVMA remains committed to delivering value to our members. Thanks to our volunteers, our members, our partners, and our staff, we were able to successfully deliver new and ongoing services and benefits to members while providing thought leadership and serving as a trusted convener for the profession. Our action plan for 2021, infused with insights from our market research, builds on these foundational successes to continue our momentum in enhancing member value and driving member satisfaction. As we investigate opportunities to expand and improve how we serve our members and advance the veterinary profession, our goal is to provide real solutions to drive value and growth—to members and the profession.

In 2021, the AVMA will respond to transformative change across the profession by creating and delivering practical, applicable solutions that members value by refining and expanding the delivery of member services. To ensure growth, we will identify and expand strategies that increase non-dues revenue. We will continue to focus on our five strategic pillars:

  • Driving Lifelong Member Value
  • Innovating Through Data Management and Business Intelligence
  • Enhancing Professional Development and Lifelong Learning
  • Advancing Professional Policy and Practice
  • Leveraging Relationships and World-Class Advocacy Efforts

These pillars guide our strategy to make membership the center of what we do by employing world-class data collection and management practices to match member needs and offer guidance and support in all stages of a veterinarian’s career.

Shaping policy, guiding the profession

The Board also acted on numerous policies submitted by many of our volunteer entities. The Board:

  • Reaffirmed the policy endorsement of the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ Management of Mares Used in the Pregnant Mare Urine Collection Industry
  • Reaffirmed the AVMA Policy on Free-roaming Owned Cats
  • Reaffirmed the AVMA Policy on Free-roaming Abandoned and Feral Cats
  • Reaffirmed the AVMA Policy on Lead
  • Reaffirmed the AVMA Policy on Sale of Human-Label Drug Products to Veterinarians
  • Reaffirmed the AVMA Policy on Animal Health Information Standards (Informatics)
  • Approved a new AVMA Policy on Disaster/Emergency Pet Sheltering Preferences
  • Approved the revised AVMA Policy on Assessment of New Therapies for Alleviation of Pain in Animals
  • Approved the revised AVMA Policy on Harassment and Discrimination-Free Veterinary Workplace

Several policies also were referred to the AVMA House of Delegates for consideration at its January meeting. The House of Delegates is composed of AVMA members from 70 state and territorial, and allied veterinary medical groups. The House convenes each summer at the AVMA Annual Convention and each winter at the Veterinary Leadership Conference.

These policies, and the Board’s recommendations, include:

  • A new AVMA Policy on Advocating for Necessary Veterinary Medical Therapy with Board recommendation of approval
  • A revised AVMA Policy on Exempt Biologics with Board recommendation of approval
  • A revised AVMA Policy on Guidelines for Use of Autogenous Biologics with Board recommendation of approval
  • A revised AVMA Policy on Veterinary Dentistry with Board recommendation of approval
  • A revised AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act – Section 15 with Board recommendation of approval

Entity elections

Wrapping things up, we’d like to congratulate the following people who were elected to AVMA volunteer positions. Thank you for your commitment and service to your colleagues and our profession. The entities and those elected are:

  • Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee: Dr. Megan Lighty; Dr. Richard Phillips; Dr. Margaret Placer
  • Committee on Antimicrobials: Dr. Lindsey Wright
  • Legislative Advisory Committee: Dr. Peter Hellyer; Dr. Dominique Griffon; Dr. Diane McClure

The AVMA is a member-driven organization that relies on volunteers to help us achieve success and meet goals necessary to serve the veterinary profession. Any AVMA voting member can volunteer, and the AVMA offers numerous opportunities for involvement. As a volunteer, you can help shape the direction of the association and your profession, meet new colleagues, and forge valuable and lasting relationships. You also have a chance to give back to your profession and influence the key issues affecting veterinary medicine today. Check out our volunteer opportunities today.


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