AVMA members share passion for veterinary medicine

Published on November 16, 2016
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Veterinarians touch a multitude of lives every day. Some of these connections are direct –treating patients, talking with clients, collaborating with colleagues. Others are indirect – for example, when our work helps to ensure a safe and secure food supply for millions, or when we provide preventive care that combats the spread of zoonotic disease.

Whichever facet of veterinary medicine is our focus, we share a passion that brought us to this field and keeps us inspired despite long days, hard work and heavy debt. Many of us knew at a very early age that we wanted to become veterinarians, and we continue to bring that passion to our jobs every day.

We asked attendees at our 2015 AVMA Convention to tell us what makes them passionate about veterinary medicine and their work as veterinarians, and the responses we received were inspiring. We heard stories of calves saved during difficult births, and heartwarming good-byes between pets and their owners at the end of life. We heard passion for solving puzzles, teaching the next generation of veterinarians, and working with both people and animals.

We’ve been sharing those stories on our social media pages, and the response has been so positive that we’ve collected them together in a YouTube playlist for all to watch. Shown here is one of the videos that was most popular with our social media communities. View the full playlist on YouTube, and you’ll discover that for veterinarians, our passion truly is our profession. AVMA members are part of an inclusive, collective and diverse community of professionals who are passionate about the work they do every day.

We’re still sorting through more stories and adding to the playlist, so be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube if you’d like to know when we add new videos.


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