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Big changes are coming soon to AVMA’s trusted scientific journals. 

  • Starting in April, JAVMA will begin publishing on a once-monthly schedule.
  • In June, AJVR will switch to an online-only format and make all articles open-access, so anyone in the world can read them for free.

For the first time, all AVMA members will have free access to both scientific journals. Rather than having to choose one journal over the other, all AVMA members can receive JAVMA in print and read both journals online – at no charge.

For the first time, all AVMA members will have free access to both scientific journals.

Both changes are driven by the input of AVMA members and subscribers. And both will enhance the value of the profession’s most trusted scientific journals to AVMA members and our entire community of colleagues across veterinary medicine. The journals will be able to publish important research findings more quickly, provide more and easier access to that information, and support greater research collaboration worldwide. The changes also will reduce AVMA’s environmental footprint.

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Readers of both journals have said overwhelmingly in recent surveys that they would like to see these changes. The reduced frequency of JAVMA will save subscribers time and make JAVMA an even more practical resource. Articles will continue to be available online first on the journals’ new state-of-the-art website, providing the fastest possible access to clinical findings of importance for patients. 

JAVMA also will continue to provide special supplemental reports twice a year on high-interest clinical topics: The first was “Surgery in Your Practice” in January. Future topics will include urogenital health, nutrition, and dermatology. 

The move to make AJVR – the American Journal of Veterinary Research – an online-only, open-access journal also brings many benefits. The open-access publishing model facilitates global collaboration and communication of important new research findings. All articles will carry a Creative Commons CC BY-NC license, allowing authors to retain copyright, and permitting users to copy and share the articles in any medium, with appropriate attribution. Readers can sign up to receive email alerts – called eTOC alerts – when a new issue is published, speeding and simplifying access to the latest research.

As an added member benefit, any AVMA member whose article is accepted by AJVR will enjoy a $400 discount on the journal’s article publication charge.

Leading the profession forward 

These represent the latest steps in an ongoing transformation that will ensure the journals are positioned to continue supporting readers and the veterinary profession in our changing world. Both JAVMA and AJVR are reimagining readers’ experience – delivering the timely and practical information you need to support your important work every day. 

Explore the journals at avma.org/Journals.



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