AVMA Board of Directors candidates slated; election begins March 1

Published on February 08, 2017

Now that the Feb. 1 nomination deadline has passed for candidates seeking positions on the AVMA Board of Directors, the association has a contested race in District 2 and an uncontested race in District 6.

In District 2, Drs. Michael Bailey and Robert Thompson are seeking to represent AVMA members in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Since there is an uncontested race in District 6, the sole candidate, Dr. Ronald Gill, will represent AVMA members in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Dr. Gill, along with the winning candidate in District 2, will assume office during AVMA Convention 2017, which will be held July 21-25 in Indianapolis, Ind.

This is the second year in which the AVMA will use electronic balloting for a contested district director election, and the AVMA is once again using Association Voting as our election vendor. AVMA members in District 2 can begin voting on March 1.

When members vote electronically, the following process is followed:Your Voice. Your Vote.

  • An email message is sent to all eligible voters, providing instructions and a link to a secure voting website. The email is sent from the address AVMAelectionatavma [dot] org.
  • When members click on the link to vote, they are directed to a secure website where their identity and eligibility for voting are authenticated before they are allowed to vote.
  • The website includes links to information about the candidates in the election, as well as instructions for voting.
  • Members make their ballot selections and cast ballots electronically on the website, without any additional steps required.
  • Safeguards are in place to prohibit multiple voting.

The AVMA last year switched to electronic voting from paper balloting in an effort to simplify and streamline the process for our members. But that doesn’t mean that we did away with paper balloting altogether. We will be sending paper ballots to those members for whom the AVMA doesn’t have a valid email address. The paper ballots should arrive via mail right around March 1. The nominees’ biographical summary and statement of reason for seeking office will be sent with the paper ballots. The paper ballots will be returned to Association Voting for tabulation. (Important note: If the AVMA doesn’t have a valid email address for you – regardless of where you reside – we ask that you update your email address in your member profile to ensure that we can reach you when there is an election for which you are eligible.)

The voting for the District 2 Board of Directors election closes on March 31, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Both candidates will be notified of the election results on April 1, and the results will be posted on the AVMA website’s elections page.

If you live in District 2 and don’t see an email from AVMAelectionatavma [dot] org in your inbox, please check your Junk E-mail or Spam folder in case it got routed there instead.

One final note: Time is running out to renew your AVMA membership. Members who have not yet renewed have until March 31 to do so.  After March 31, AVMA benefits, including your ability to vote for your Board of Directors representatives, will no longer be available.  Renewing your membership is easy. Go to avma.org/renew to pay your dues online or submit payment with the latest invoice that was mailed to you. Thank you for your membership!