AVMA awards recognize excellence

Published on January 18, 2018

Nominate your colleagues before Feb. 15

AVMA Awards Rewarding Excellence - Showcasing Veterinary Knowledge Nominations Due Feb. 15As the nation’s leading advocate for the veterinary profession, the AVMA works consistently to increase the visibility of veterinarians across all disciplines and specialties, and broaden awareness of our profession’s diverse contributions to both animal and human health. You can have a voice in this important work by nominating one or more of your colleagues to receive an AVMA Excellence Award.

The AVMA Excellence Awards recognize outstanding achievements among veterinarians and others who have made noteworthy contributions to protecting animal and human health.

Presented annually, the Excellence Awards honor individuals who have distinguished themselves through their outstanding work as educators, researchers, practitioners, or in other roles that advance veterinary medicine and the work of veterinarians.

Chances are good that you know and admire colleagues who would be excellent candidates for these awards. Nominations are due Feb. 15, and we encourage you to submit the names of individuals who should be considered for recognition.

The AVMA Excellence Awards allow us to recognize and reward individuals who excel. From animal welfare and clinical practice to research and advocacy, the awards honor excellence across all disciplines and veterinary career paths. We invite you to nominate colleagues and mentors to receive any of these awards. See detailed awards criteria and download nominating forms by clicking on these links or visiting avma.org/awards.

Don’t wait. Nominations close Feb. 15!


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