AVMA Annual Report: Protecting, promoting, advancing your interests

Published on August 05, 2016
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Building Success for New VeterinariansBuilding success for new veterinarians is a big part of what the AVMA does on a regular basis, because their success is critical to the future strength of the entire veterinary profession. Our 2015 Annual Report, which members will receive with the Aug. 15, 2016, issue of JAVMA, highlights many of our early career initiatives, including those noted in the graphic here.

The report also reports the progress the AVMA has made in a wide range of other areas. From our advocacy and public policy efforts, to the products and services we provide to members, to how we maintain and enhance the excellence of veterinary education through accreditation and certification, the annual report captures for you some of our 2015 success stories. It also includes an update on key issues we are working on now to better meet our members’ needs and expectations.

Much more than just a summary of one year’s work, the 2015 Annual Report helps you better understand all that the AVMA does to protect, promote and advance the interests of all of our members. It’s a snapshot of what we do for you and the veterinary profession. It’s also a pretty easy read, so we encourage you to pick it up once it lands in your mailbox. You can also find it on our website if you’d like to access it online or print it to share.


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