AVMA and NAVTA partner for closer cooperation

Published on July 23, 2017

tech_smThe AVMA has teamed up with NAVTA – the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America – in a partnership to enhance and support the entire veterinary health care team.

Under a plan endorsed earlier this year by the AVMA Board of Directors, the AVMA has begun providing association management services to NAVTA. While the NAVTA board of directors retains control over NAVTA’s affairs, the AVMA will contribute our professional association management expertise as NAVTA continues to grow and thrive.

In return, the partnership will help the AVMA amplify our support of AVMA  member veterinarians by establishing more open lines of communication with the technicians who are integral to your veterinary teams. By being able to communicate more directly with NAVTA’s roughly 9,000 veterinary technician members, we anticipate being able to increase awareness and use of AVMA’s many services, products, and initiatives.

“It is only natural that our organizations support one another,” said Dr. Tom Meyer, AVMA President for 2016-2017, during an event held Saturday during AVMA Convention. “We have worked closely with NAVTA for many years, and I am looking forward to strengthening this partnership, which serves to benefit all of our members.”

NAVTA President Mary Berg agreed, saying, “Both organizations have similar aspirations and goals of growing the veterinary profession and improving the lives of veterinary professionals through education, support and advancement.”

The associations highlighted their mutual commitment to one another at the AVMA’s annual Veterinary Technician Appreciation Event which took place Saturday evening during AVMA Convention.


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