AVMA and AVMF strengthen support for veterinarians and those they serve

Published on January 09, 2019

American Veterinary Medical FoundationThe American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) has played an important role in the veterinary profession for more than 55 years, supporting research, education, advocacy, animal welfare and disaster relief programs. Now, a new formation of the AVMF Board of Directors will allow the AVMA to reinforce our support for the foundation that plays such a critical role in the profession and our members’ lives.

As of January 1, the members of the AVMA Board of Directors also will serve as members of the AVMF Board of Directors, and the previous AVMF directors will take on a supportive role as the AVMF Board of Advisors. The new AVMF Board of Directors will continue to include a representative of the Auxiliary to the AVMA, as well as a member from the AVMA House of Delegates, to maintain these important perspectives and voices in decision-making. The AVMF Board of Directors and Board of Advisors will work together to advance the foundation’s mission, activities, services, and programs, which remain centered on helping veterinarians help animals.

Additional shifts to the AVMF Board of Directors include:

  • AVMA’s Immediate Past President will serve as chair of the AVMF Board.
  • The representative of the Auxiliary to the AVMA, currently Ms. Kimberly Topper, will continue her service on the AVMF Board.
  • The chair of the House Advisory Committee, currently Dr. Sandra Faeh, will represent the House of Delegates.
  • The SAVMA president-elect, currently Kyre Larrabee, will be invited to participate at AVMF Board meetings to provide a student perspective.

The AVMF Board of Advisors will be a standing committee of the AVMF. This committee will be appointed by the AVMF Board of Directors, and will include AVMF Board members, the director representing the Auxiliary to the AVMA, and at-large voting members. Under the new structure, former AVMF chair Dr. Karen L. Davis will serve as chair of the AVMF Board of Advisors.

This strategic alignment provides the opportunity to build on past successes in an even more collaborative way. Since its inception, the AVMF has garnered more than $55 million to fund research, student scholarships, veterinary care, disaster relief, and other programs that help veterinarians help animals. Just since September 2017, the AVMF has provided more than $300,000 in relief and reimbursement to AVMA members and others who lost essential items or delivered emergency support during natural disasters. From California wildfires to coastal hurricanes and everything in between, the AVMF has been instrumental in helping veterinarians help animals, no matter the circumstances.

You can learn more about the AVMF and its work to help veterinarians help animals at avmf.org.


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