Achieve your personal goals with help from AVMA

Member benefits support you, your career, and your practice

Veterinarians and veterinary team members are dedicated and hard-working professionals, as well as busy individuals juggling personal and work-related responsibilities. That’s why the AVMA provides a wide array of resources to support AVMA members in both arenas.

You’re probably familiar with many of AVMA’s tools to support veterinarians in practice. (Just to be sure, you can explore them all here.) But do you know we also have many tools and resources to help veterinarians thrive in our personal lives? They range from budgeting and wellbeing tools to discounts on entertainment and travel, and most are available free of charge as an exclusive benefit of AVMA membership.

Wellbeing support for the whole veterinary team

AVMA members have access to a wide range of resources that support healthy living and self-care, and empower you to extend a helping hand to colleagues. Visit for tools to help manage compassion fatigue and stress, improve work-life integration, and nurture mental and emotional wellbeing in every way. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll find:

Financial planning tools to help you thrive

Whether you’re looking for the right loan repayment strategy, applying for student loan forgiveness, preparing for salary negotiations, or mapping out different earning and budget scenarios, AVMA is here to help. AVMA’s personal finance tools help AVMA members take control of our finances and make well-informed decisions to achieve financial security. These include:

  • AVMA’s personal financial planning tool helps you build a personalized budget estimate so you can plan for the future while meeting your current needs. It walks AVMA members through the essential steps of budgeting – and lets you experiment with scenarios to see what will work best for you.
  • Financial health CE webinars teach strategies and practical tactics you can take to maximize your financial health. The webinars explore topics like how to improve your personal finances, grow practice profitability, and more.
  • The Public Service Loan Forgiveness guide walks you through how to make the PSLF program work for you, and student loan repayment learning modules take the guesswork out of deciding what repayment strategy is right for you.

You can find these and other financial tools at

Member benefits are powered by you

The AVMA works every day to develop the tools and resources that AVMA members need — because it’s AVMA members who define Association priorities. If there’s a program or service you think is needed, please let us know. Use our contact form, or tell your representatives in the Board of Directors or House of Delegates.

Take a step further, and join one of the many volunteer committees that help define AVMA policy and priorities. AVMA volunteer opportunities give you a path to change and improve our profession while building your personal network and leadership skills.

Explore more

These are just a few of the benefits and tools available to AVMA members, and we’re constantly developing new programs and releasing new tools. Make sure you know all of the personal, professional, and career benefits included with your AVMA membership by visiting

The best way to keep up to date on new benefits and initiatives is to follow us right here on the blog and to make sure you’re signed up to receive the AVMA Vitals newsletter. AVMA Vitals is the monthly roundup of need-to-know updates for AVMA members. If you’re not yet receiving it, you’re missing out.

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