AVMA Political Action Committee Policy Board


In compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act, to raise funds for the purpose of making contributions to the campaigns of candidates for federal public office.


Meetings are held 3 times per year. One meeting is held at the AVMA annual convention—the other 2 in Washington DC in the spring and fall.


The Board of Directors and the House Advisory Committee name 3 members each to the PAC Policy Board. Of those appointed by the Board of Directors and the House Advisory Committee, 1 must reside in each of the 3 convention location zones. Appointments are for 2-year terms ending at the close of the annual AVMA meeting, or when a successor is elected, with no one to serve more than 3 full terms or 6 years during his or her lifetime. The 6-year limitation was established in 1980.

Membership consists of representatives from PAC Area #1, PAC Area #2, and PAC Area #3 (1 each appointed by the Board of Directors and 1 each appointed by the House Advisory Committee.)

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