AVMA Fellowship Program

The application deadline for the 2020-2021 AVMA Fellowship Program is February 7, 2020. The 2020-2021 application is available online.


RadhikaEvery veterinarian possesses the skills needed to make a difference. The AVMA Fellowship Program is an unparalleled opportunity to shape public policy while enhancing your knowledge of the political process.

The 2020-2021 AVMA Fellowship Program will run from the last week in August 2020 through August 2021.


AVMA Fellows:

  • serve for one year in Washington D.C. as scientific advisors to members of Congress or Congressional Committees.
  • play pivotal roles in shaping and influencing key legislation on a variety of issues.
  • receive a stipend of approximately $91,232 and reimbursement for certain expenses incurred during the Fellowship year.
  • receive up to $6,000 to offset the cost of health insurance premiums.
  • use science-based decision making in public policy development.
  • influence important public policy discussions.

Learn more about the AVMA's Congressional Fellowship Program on our Frequently Asked Questions page. For additional questions, please email fellowshipatavma [dot] org.

Want to hear about the Fellowship first-hand? Check out the video below where Dr. Chase Crawford recounts his experience as a 2014-2015 AVMA Fellow in the office of Senator Al Franken (D-MN).