State and local practice and business issues

Patient records

State tax and veterinary practice

AVMA monitors state tax policy as it impacts veterinary practice. Taxes levied vary by state and even within a state. AVMA maintains a summary of sales tax / retail tax imposed for veterinary sales and services.

Veterinary CE

  • Veterinary CE requirements
    State laws and regulations defining veterinary continuing education (CE) requirements, including hours needed, limitations on topics or modes of CE, and specific provisions related to opioids or other controlled substances

Veterinary loan repayment programs

  • Solving a critical shortage in food supply veterinary medicine
    Americans are demanding, now more than ever, healthy and wholesome food, and there aren't enough veterinarians on the front lines helping to make sure their expectations are met. This resource provides valuable information about the food supply veterinary shortage, what's being done to address it, and tools that you and your organization can use to meet one of society's greatest needs - a safe and healthy food supply.

​​​Wellbeing programs

State programs aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing in the veterinary profession.