California tax on veterinary services

To Our Clients:

Say "No" to a tax on veterinary services!

Governor Schwarzenegger wants to raise millions by adding a tax on veterinary services. This will be reflected directly on YOUR BILL at the end of every visit to your veterinarian.

On November 6, 2008, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called for an increase in the California state sales tax to address the multi-billion dollar deficit in the budget, and proposed a sales tax on all veterinary services. This was part of a larger combination of program cuts and revenue increases to balance the state budget.

This proposal could add approximately 9% to the cost of veterinary care. Many animals won't get the necessary medical care and treatment they deserve because veterinary services will be more expensive. Pets are part of our families and a lot of families are already facing financial hardship in this weak economy. Increasing the cost of veterinary care will only lead to more animals being abandoned, or euthanized. It's not fair for your pets to suffer because the state cannot balance its budget.

Here's what you can do to help stop the tax on veterinary services!

Write letters, make phone calls, send emails, or fax your comments to the Governor and to your elected officials. If writing, try to personalize your letter and be brief. Let them know that pets are family members and this proposed tax will add a huge financial burden to your family. Ask that veterinary services be removed from the Governor's proposal.

If you need assistance, go to the California Veterinary Medical Association website at for additional facts and contact information. It is important that every pet owner be heard. Please take action today for your pets and write a letter. The Governor wants his proposal passed by the end of November so he needs to hear from you now!

Thank you!

Source:   Prepared by California Veterinary Medical Association
Contact:  AVMA Divi​sion of State Advocacy & Leadership