State and local scope of practice issues

Aquatic livestock

Complementary and alternative veterinary medicine

  • Complementary and alternative veterinary medicine, AVMA guidelines
    These guidelines are intended to help veterinarians make informed and judicious decisions regarding medical approaches known by several terms including "complementary," "alternative," and "integrative."


  • Dentistry, AVMA policy
    The performance of dentistry on animals is part of the practice of veterinary medicine and is regarded as such under state veterinary practice acts.
Summary report

Authority of veterinary technicians and other non-veterinarians to perform dental procedures
This table was created to address the scope of practice for veterinary technicians and other non-veterinarians with respect to dental procedures or dental surgeries.

Embryo transfer

  • Embryo transfer procedures
    The AVMA believes that the embryo transfer procedure is a function of veterinary practice, because it requires diagnosis and the use of legend pharmaceuticals and/or use of pharmaceuticals in an extra-label manner as described by the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act and it may require surgery and use of controlled substances. 

Model Veterinary Practice Act

  • Model Veterinary Practice Act, AVMA
    The AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act is intended to serve as a model set of guiding principles for those who are now or will be in the future preparing or revising a practice act under the codes and laws of an individual state.

Veterinary technicians and assistants