Veterinarian Involvement in Emergency Preparedness and Response

Formal title: U.S. Surgeon General's Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps

Promote, support, and build capacity in the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

Brief Description:

The American Medical Association (AMA) has proposed a collaborative effort to work with the U.S. Surgeon General's Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (OCVMRC) to "promote, support, and build capacity in the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)." For the proposed program, the AMA will work with the OCVMRC and collaborating organizations to:

  1. Increase awareness and understanding of the MRC Program
  2. Establish and support MRC units nationally
  3. Enhance the capability of MRC units and volunteers to assist local disaster preparedness and response efforts, as well as with other community health initiatives
  4. Assist the OCVMRC with the development and implementation of uniform education and training programs, standards, and processes for utilizing MRC volunteers for federal deployment.

AVMA Response:

The AVMA strongly encourages collaborative efforts in the arena of emergency preparedness. We believe this program will proved the critically important resources necessary to strengthen the MRC network by encouraging integration and coordination among local, state, regional, tribal, and national partners, including public health, clinical care, emergency management, and other agencies and organizations.

The veterinary profession has consistently been shown to be a much needed and valuable asset in disaster and emergency response on many levels. Engaging local veterinary professionals in their community preparedness and response activities is a crucial component to ensure a more resilient community and a more robust response to any emergency event.

We look forward to working with the AMA and OCVMRC as a collaborating organization to provide guidance for the design, testing, implementation, and evaluation of program activities. In addition, we embrace the opportunity to work with other health organizations to achieve the goals of this cooperative agreement.

Background Documents:

The AVMA responded on May 3, 2010. (PDF)


On April 28th, the American Medical Association (AMA) contacted the AVMA in hopes that the AVMA would support the AMA in its efforts with the Medical Reserve Corps and send a letter stating such. The AVMA has been a supporter of such collaborative efforts and looks forward to working with the AMA on this issue. Spearheaded by the Committee on Disaster and Emergency Issues (CDEI), the support letter, dated May 3, 2010, was sent.