November 2015 issue of The Advocate

Hot News:

Forty-nine veterinarians will soon be serving in rural communities across 26 states thanks to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's recent announcement of $4.5 million in loan repayment awards.

It's not every day that we can bring our dogs to work, but on Oct. 30, Dr. Elise Ackley and I were proud to bring in our four-legged canines, Bula and Voodoo, to support a good cause.

Want the opportunity to develop public policy that will impact the veterinary profession while also advancing your career? If so, the AVMA's Fellowship Program is right for you!

In October, we told you that Congress passed the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which would fund activities at the Defense Department. Unfortunately, President Obama vetoed the bill, negating an important provision that would help military working dogs. 

Congress is debating how much money to provide federal agencies that support key veterinary and agriculture programs. The AVMA is taking the opportunity to highlight the programs that are important to animal and public health.

On Nov. 16, the AVMA submitted formal comments to the Food and Drug Administration identifying bulk drug substances that need to be available for outsourcing facilities to use when preparing compounds to be maintained as veterinary office stock.

Other News:

Facebook: Tennessee will become the first state to implement a statewide animal abuse registry. More>

Twitter: University of Missouri doctors initially misinterpreted a man's rabies symptoms as a suspected drug reaction.​​ More>​