May 2015 issue of The AVMA Advocate

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Back at it again: Congress introduces sweeping prescription mandate for veterinarians
Here we go again—the so-called Fairness to Pet Owners Act (S. 1200) has once again been reintroduced. The bill language is exactly the same as last Congress' and here is a refresher on why the AVMA remains opposed to such a mandate. 


Senators signal support for bill to protect horses from soring
Congress tried, and failed, last session to pass an important bill that would protect horses from the abusive act of soring. Now, two senators have once again taken a step in the right direction by reintroducing legislation that will hopefully end this cruel practice.



Interest rates on new federal student loans will drop for 2015-2016
Every July 1, the new interest rates for federal student loans go into effect. This is usually unwelcome news for veterinary students, because typically the rates go up. This year, however, things are different.



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