Requirements for Disposition of Cattle that Become Non-Ambulatory Disabled Following Ante-Mortem Inspection

Formal title: Docket Number [FSIS-2008-0022] Requirements for the Disposition of Cattle that Become Non-Ambulatory Disable Following Ante-Mortem Inspection


The Secretary of Agriculture announced that the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) would begin working on a proposed rule to prohibit the slaughter of all non-ambulatory disabled cattle, without exception. As announced by the Secretary, FSIS is proposing to amend the Federal meat inspection regulations to remove the provision that states that FSIS inspection personnel will determine the disposition of cattle that become non-ambulatory disabled after they have passed ante-mortem inspection on a case-by-case basis. This proposed rule will require that all cattle that are non-ambulatory disabled at the time they are presented for ante-mortem inspection at an official establishment, and all those that become non-ambulatory disabled after passing ante-mortem inspection, be condemned and properly disposed of.

Background Documents:

View AVMA's response to FSIS (PDF)

View Federal Register document (PDF)


AVMA responded on September 29, 2008 and awaits FSIS action to finalize the proposed rule or to issue another proposed rule.

View Federal Register final rule document (PDF)