National Veterinary Accreditation Program - Proposed Rule Changes 6/1/06

Formal title: USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Docket Number [APHIS-2006-0093] 9 CFR Parts 160, 161, and 162

Brief Description and AVMA Response:

The USDA Animal and Plant Health Service announced a proposed rule that would change the National Veterinary Accreditation Program.

The USDA APHIS proposed changes would allow for changes in the way in which the veterinary accreditation process works. First, it would provide two distinct categories for accreditation; Category I would include companion animals and related activities while Category II would provide broader accreditation in all animal species and activities. Category II accreditation would also provide for the performance of certain specialized activities (e.g. trichinae safe herd certification work).

The proposed changes would also require renewal of accreditation every three years. Renewal would be dependent upon the completion of four hours of continuing education for those holding Category I Accreditation and nine hours if continuing education for those holding Category II Accreditation.

The AVMA is in support of the proposed changes to the National Veterinary Accreditation Program. It is the belief of the AVMA that the one-time APHIS accreditation has worked in the past, but in today's fast-paced global environment veterinarians need to participate in accreditation training in order to have a knowledge base to meet the challenges associated with disease-prevention and emergency/disaster preparedness.

The AVMA also requested that the final rule specify its application to aquatic veterinarians: placing companion aquatic animal veterinarians in Category I and veterinarians employed in caring for farmed aquatic animals in Category II. A request for streamlining the process by which veterinarians obtain accreditation in a new state during a declared emergency or disaster was also made.

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AVMA responded on July 27, 2006.

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